Share of agriculture in the country’s national economy is estimated to decline in the current fiscal year (FY17), according to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).

The provisional national accounts, released by the BBS this week, showed that share of agriculture stands at 14.79 per cent of the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) in FY17 which was 15.35 per cent in the past fiscal year (FY16).

Under the broader agriculture sector, there are two sectors.

One is agriculture and forestry and contribution of this sector drops to 11.18 per cent in the current fiscal year from 11.70 per cent in FY16.

The other sector is fisheries and contribution of the sector also declines to 3.61 per cent from 3.654 per cent during the period under review.

The value of agriculture output, at the constant price, however, estimated at Tk 1.34 trillion in the current fiscal year which was Tk 1.30 trillion in FY16.

Though total value of farm output increases, by registering healthy 3.40 per cent growth in the current fiscal year, the comparative value with GDP declines in the current fiscal year.

This is, however, a provisional estimation based on 9-month data. The final estimation will be released by the end of October this year.

Courtesy/ Source: Financial Express Online Report


Agriculture sector is losing it’s share in FY17